Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sneak peak of Kasey's maternity session...

SO this weekend has been such a fun and exhausting one!
Several photoshoots over the weekend including my niece's 6th birthday party @ The Splash Pad and my first maternity shoot w/a dear friend!
I need sleep, but couldn't go to bed before at least posting a sneak peek of the sweet mom and dad to be!
More to come soon!


Thursday, August 12, 2010


Last night, I had sooo much fun down in Market Square w/my friend Sara's little boys again...Hunter and Bryson...  but also with their cousins Cooper, Josh and Jamie!
5 boys under the age of 7 running around Market Square... a photography session turned into a cardio session! Haha!

Loved it and love all those sweet boys!

Here's a sneak peek...and more pics to come very soon!!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

New Challenge!

Wow, yesterday was fun, but boy was it challenging!
I was given the opportunity to tag team a 1 year old's birthday party w/my dear friend Jen Farmer!

I'm still no pro at this photography thing... but I'm at least comfortable w/portrait sessions... family, babies, toddlers, seniors, etc...

Well... photographing a party... "action shots", etc...  that was a learning experience!  But we had a great great time!  I'm anxious to post some pics and get honest feedback! But I've still got lots of editing to do, and want to wait til I have the ok from Jen to release them! 
In the mean time, I'll just give this one sneak peek of the birthday cake!

Thanks Jen for taking me along!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!